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Get Digital Marketing Job.
In this article, we will be covering how to get a high-paying digital marketing job.
So let’s discuss how to get digital marketing jobs. I’m sure you have a blog up and running and you are also actively participating in our Facebook group. Also, this is not the end. We’ll be coming up with many free articles in the future and you’ll be notified through email.Digital Marketing Job - FocusAgain

So now let’s back into how to get a digital marketing job. You are supposed to get a digital marketing job and I have some tips for you. So let’s start with the different types of digital marketing jobs.
So obviously at the top, there is the digital marketing manager, who’s supervising everything.
The complete digital marketing of a company or a business. Then we have SEO executives, social media marketing, search engine marketers, email-marketers, content marketing, inbound marketing, and conversion rate optimizing. Don’t worry you don’t have to think big now, you just have to master one of the categories.
So if you like social media marketing, then you can get your expertise in social media marketing.

And then move on to search engine marketing and then to email marketing. So it will take some time, and you have to move step-by-step, yes the ultimate goal is to become a digital marketing manager but before that, you have to master all these different work details. If you’re just starting out a career in the digital marketing job, then you can get expertise on one of these domains and just get started.
You can either be an SEO specialist, email-marketer, mobile marketing, you can even go to social media marketing and content marketing as well.
You can start your digital marketing career by learning any of these skills. You can either be an SEO specialist, you can be an email marketer, you can become a content marketer or even social media marketer. Even the interviewer won’t be expecting you to know all these skills. You just have to master a few of them or even one of them.
So let’s say you have an interest in SEO, then you should know everything about SEO. From the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, anchor texts, link distribution, and domain authority.
So if you’re going with only one skill, make sure you know a lot about it. So let’s start with how to write a digital-marketing resume.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while sending their resume while updating their resume is that they send the same resume to all the companies. Let’s say you have your expertise in SEO and social media marketing. But if you are applying for an SEO related job, then you have to stress out your SEO-related capabilities. Maybe the SEO-related projects that you have one. Or any SEO strategies that you must have applied on your website, which might have given any kind of result so more like a case study on your own website.

And then you have to think from the employer’s point of view. If he’s looking for an SEO candidate, he doesn’t really care whether you know anything about a social media marketing or not. Also, you have to understand that the person who is taking the interview, he won’t be going through each line of your resume. He’d be first scanning your resume and looking for some keywords related to the job profile.
So if you are applying for an SEO related job, I’ll be looking into some SEO-related projects, maybe the internship that you have done, any kind of project that you have done.

So make sure that you project your skills and your project according to the requirements. After taking almost 100+ interviews for various digital marketing related jobs for my company and other companies. Here are a few things you have to focus on your digital marketing resume.
First of all, is the formatting. Make sure your resume is following the correct format. It has proper bullet points, proper indentation, there are no grammatical mistakes, also the length of your resume should not go more than one page. As an interviewer, we are looking for practical experience.

So if you’ve done any kind of internship or employment, make sure you point it out exactly. Also mention your job responsibility in your previous company, or your internships and what kind of projects you were involved in. This will give a good idea to the interviewer about your capabilities.
Instead of focusing more on what you did on your college or your extracurricular activities, rather focus on the job requirement. So if the job is about social media marketing, what exactly have you done that is related to social media marketing. So there are various places in finding digital-marketing jobs.
Digital Marketing
If you are looking for a digital marketing job, having an internship in your resume will greatly enhance your chances of getting a job.
As a company in hiring you, no one wants to spend money on training you. So if you’ve done an internship, you already have some practical experience. So that’s a benefit for the company.
To find internships, you can sign up for various websites like Internshala, Letsintern, and Hellointern. Also, you’ll find digital marketing industries booming a lot, so you’ll find a lot of internship opportunities.
But before finalizing an internship, make sure to watch the kind of work that you’ll be doing in the internship. Try to get into an internship where you’ll get a comprehensive view of the digital marketing umbrella. You’re not only specific to a domain like SEO, but rather getting an overview of all different domains like social media marketing, paid ads, etc. Also, don’t treat your internship as a way to get a certificate. Rather, proactively work in it.
Learn the keys, those that are required in working a digital marketing job. Getting a job should not be your only focus. You should rather invest in increasing your knowledge, increasing your expertise, increasing your practical experience, or various digital marketing strategies.

Once you’re done with your internship then you can post your resume on various websites like,, Indeed, Timesjobs, There are so many different websites where you can find a digital marketing job. The one I recommend is since it is India’s largest job portal.
One thing for is to regularly log in to your profile, also make sure your profile is complete, so add your key skills, complete your profile- the more complete your profile is, the more chances of your profile being found. Apart from that, you can go directly to companies’ websites. Apart from that, you can also make a list of companies who hire in the digital marketing space, and then you can send them directly to their websites. Most of these websites have a “career” section that might have an email ID, to which you can send your resume. You can also find various people working in these organizations, and ask them to refer you. if the organization is big, they might have a referral program. So if a person refers to you and if you get selected, he will also be awarded some monetary compensation, so it’s a win-win for both of you.

You can also use Facebook groups to get a job. So I made this list of all the various groups, which you can use to find a digital marketing related job. Obviously you can download this slide and visit all these groups, and look for digital-marketing job opportunities. So here are my 10 best steps for a digital marketing job interview.

First of all research about the company. Don’t go uninformed, take it seriously. And create a job-worthy resume. Don’t make a resume for all the companies. You are to first research the company, look at their requirement, look at their job description, and then craft your resume. As I told you earlier the interviewer will just be scanning your resume and looking for the keywords that are related to the job profile.
Digital Marketing Job

Follow the basic interview etiquette of smiling, dressing nicely, being a good listener, etc. Also, mention your website name in the resume. Your website is your online asset, so make sure you mention it on your resume. Also, I hope you followed and practiced everything that is in this free digital marketing course on your own website, this way the interviewer will know that you don’t only have the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical expertise for that.
So these are few tips from my side of getting a digital marketing job. If you followed the article correctly if you practiced everything, then getting a digital-marketing job won’t be a difficult task for you.

And my best wishes to you, and also we’ll be coming up with many new articles in the future, thanks for being part of this. And if you still have any question, feel free to ask it in our Facebook group(Digital Marketing Hub) and you can even email me at “”


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